• Cristina Oana MARGINEAN University of Medicine and Pharmacy Tg. Mureș
  • Klara BRANZANIUC University of Medicine and Pharmacy Tg. Mureș
  • C. MARGINEAN University of Medicine and Pharmacy Tg. Mureș
  • I. AZAMFIREI University of Medicine and Pharmacy Tg. Mureș
  • Ana - Maria PITEA University of Medicine and Pharmacy Tg. Mureș


Elastography is a method which,using ultrasound, obtains images and measurements of tissue
elasticity when applying a force on it. As an imaging method it was developed to quantify
objectively the pathological changes related to the presence of an abnormal tissue, compared to
the surrounding tissues, giving information about the elasticity/stiffness of the examined tissue,
the degree of fibrosis, the degree of stiffness compared to tumor free tissue. The tissue
analysis can be done through a compression technology eSie touch elasticity imaging (with
applications for the surface elastography) or ARFI technology acustic radiation force
imaging (the diffusion impulse of the acustic force). The ARFI method allows valid, accurate
and flexible evaluation of liver stiffnessand it is correlates with the fibrosis stage. The liver
elastosonography, through new technologies available, has reached the level of the fibroelastoscanner
and magnetic resonance imaging. The ultrasound elastography application quickly
advances, starting with the researches in this field. At present, it has analised the most various
fields of application, from the breast, prostate, thyroid, pancreas imaging to the study of
abdominal lymphnodes and peripheral vessels, gastrointestinal stromal tumors, primary and
secundary liver tumors, the evaluation of uterine cervix, from cardiology to gastroenterology
and urology, both in adults and in pediatrics.

Author Biographies

Cristina Oana MARGINEAN, University of Medicine and Pharmacy Tg. Mureș

School of Medicine
Ist Pediatric Clinic

Klara BRANZANIUC, University of Medicine and Pharmacy Tg. Mureș

School of Medicine

Discipline of Anatomy

C. MARGINEAN, University of Medicine and Pharmacy Tg. Mureș

School of Medicine

Ist Obstetrics - Gynecology Clinic

I. AZAMFIREI, University of Medicine and Pharmacy Tg. Mureș

School of Medicine

Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Clinic

Ana - Maria PITEA, University of Medicine and Pharmacy Tg. Mureș

School of Medicine

Discipline of Pediatrics


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