• Diana Simona NEGRU S.C. S.I.E.P.C.O.F.A.R. S.A.
  • Monica DIACONESCU S.C. S.I.E.P.C.O.F.A.R. S.A.
  • Ana Maria PETCULESCU S.C. S.I.E.P.C.O.F.A.R. S.A.
  • Veronica BILD ”Gr.T. Popa” University of Medicine and Pharmacy Iași


The goals of this study were (a) to create a patient
electronic database by filling in the specially designed Patient Data Sheets (PDS) after interviewing
hypertensive patients and (b) to evaluate pharmacists opportunities for intervention in order
to improve hypertensive patients outcomes. Material and method: Pharmacists from two
Romanian chain community pharmacies interviewed all hypertensive patients that entered the
pharmacies during the study period (November December 2008) and selected 106 subjects
using several selection criteria. Pharmacists recorded in specially designed Patient Data Sheet
relevant information such as: demographic data, additional diagnostics (if any), lifestyle
behaviors and therapeutic data. The records were then transferred into an electronic database
and interpreted by the research team. Results: Hypertension (HT) as a single disease was
present in only 7 patients (6.6%), most of them being diagnosed with multiple illnesses (such
as HT and cardiovascular disease (CVD) in 25 patients, HT and dyslipidemia (DL) in 20
patients). More than half of the subjects (61.3%) declared they have adopted at least one
lifestyle modification component and almost 80% of the patients use two, three or more
antihypertensive agents in their medication. Conclusions: The high incidence of complications
among our hypertensive subjects justifies implementing blood pressure monitoring programs in
community pharmacies and requires pharmacists intervention for a better management of

Author Biography

Veronica BILD, ”Gr.T. Popa” University of Medicine and Pharmacy Iași

School of Pharmacy
Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacy Department


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