• D. PUIA “Grigore T. Popa” University of Medicine and Pharmacy Iasi
  • M. IVANUTA “Dr. C. I. Parhon” Clinical Hospital Iasi
  • R.F. MAMAISCHE “Dr. C. I. Parhon” Clinical Hospital Iasi
  • Andreea Elena STAN “Dr. C. I. Parhon” Clinical Hospital Iasi
  • Carina-Alexandra BANDAC “Dr. C. I. Parhon” Clinical Hospital Iasi
  • Raluca CALINIUC “Dr. C. I. Parhon” Clinical Hospital Iasi
  • C. PRICOP “Grigore T. Popa” University of Medicine and Pharmacy Iasi


The COVID-19 pandemic created an unprecedented situation who made health systems to reorganize their resources and redeploy staff away from routine diagnostic, treatment and follow‐up services. Material and methods:  have studied retrospective the medical files of bladder cancer patients referred to our clinic between 1st of March 2019- 28 of February 2020 (group A) compared with those referred between 1st of March 2020- 1st of March 2021 (group B). A total of 640 patients were included, 486 (75.94%) males and 154 (24.06%) females, aged between 22 and 92 years, with a mean age of 69.12 years (SD+/-9.62). Group A had 408 (63.75%) patients while group B 232 (36.25%). Results: We have noticed that anemia was significantly more often in group B (p=0.032), this has led to a higher necessity of preoperative blood transfusion (p=0.039) but with no differences regarding inflammatory syndrome or kidney failure incidence. Also, the hospitalization period (p=0.001) and the time from admission to surgery have been significantly shorter in group B (p=0.05). Conclusions: By trying to avoid hospitalization many patients are admitted with a poorer biological status. In addition, many bladder cancer cases will go undetected and untreated and once the pandemic has passed, we will face an excess in cancer-related mortality.

Author Biographies

D. PUIA, “Grigore T. Popa” University of Medicine and Pharmacy Iasi

Faculty of Medicine
Department of Surgery (II)
“Dr. C. I. Parhon” Clinical Hospital Iasi
Department of Urology

M. IVANUTA, “Dr. C. I. Parhon” Clinical Hospital Iasi

Department of Urology

R.F. MAMAISCHE, “Dr. C. I. Parhon” Clinical Hospital Iasi

Department of Urology

Andreea Elena STAN, “Dr. C. I. Parhon” Clinical Hospital Iasi

Department of Urology

Carina-Alexandra BANDAC, “Dr. C. I. Parhon” Clinical Hospital Iasi

Department of Urology

Raluca CALINIUC, “Dr. C. I. Parhon” Clinical Hospital Iasi

Department of Radiology

C. PRICOP, “Grigore T. Popa” University of Medicine and Pharmacy Iasi

Faculty of Medicine
Department of Surgery (II)
“Dr. C. I. Parhon” Clinical Hospital Iasi
Department of Urology


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