• The Medical-Surgical Journal
    Vol 116 No 4 (2012)

    Valeriu Rusu: Palade was for cell biology what Einstein was for physics [Page: 943] 

    1. Corina Morcov (Buta), Carmen Vulpoi, D. BranisteanuRelationship between bone mineral density, weight, and estrogen levels in pre and postmenopausal women [Page: 946]
    2. Laura Maria Curic, Carmen Vulpoi: The place of ultrasound assisted megaliposuction in the Romanian obesity therapy dedicated programs [Page: 951]
    3. Ana-Maria Pelin, Silvia Matasaru: Metabolic syndrome in obese children and adolescents[Page: 957]
    4. Irina Iuliana Costache, Cristina Rusu, I. Ivanov, Roxana Popescu, A. Petris: Impact of Clopidogrel response on the clinical evolution in patients with acute coronary syndromes [Page: 962]
    5. Gabriela Dumitrescu, Mihaela Dranga, Iulia Andreea Pintilie, Otilia Nedelciuc: The prevalence of anaemia in patients with  inflammatory bowel diseases in north-eastern Romania [Page: 968]
    6. Elena Toader, V. L. Drug, Iulia Munteanu, Diana Petroiu, Irina Ciortescu, Oana Barboi, A. MohammadMalignant tumors of digestive organs and liver  metastases at the time of diagnosis [Page: 975]
    7. Daniela Elena Serban: Nutrition in pediatric inflammatory bowel disease: is it useful for prevention and therapy? [Page: 983]
    8. Irina Girleanu, Anca Trifan, Camelia Cojocariu, Ana-Maria Singeap, C. Sfarti, C. StanciuThe risk of thrombotic events in patients with liver cirrhosis [Page: 991]
    9. L. Miron, L. Negura, D. Peptanariu, M. MarincaResearch on aromatase gene (CYP19A1) polymorphisms  as a predictor of endocrine therapy effectiveness  in breast cancer [Page: 997]
    10. B. Gafton, Simona Parciu, Elena Murgulet, G. BalanEvaluation of tumor response to systemic therapy in hepatocellular carcinoma [Page: 1005]
    11. M. D. Cobzeanu, Monica Voineag, V. L. Drug, Anca Ciubotaru, B. M. Cobzeanu, O. D. PaladeLaryngeal morphological changes due to gastroesophageal reflux disease [Page: 1011]
    12. C. Martiniuc, A. Braniste, T. Braniste: Angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors and pulmonary hypertension [Page: 1016]
    Roxana Irimia, Anca TrifanEfficacy of rifaximin versus lactulose for reducing the recurrence of overt hepatic encephalopathy and hopitalizations in cirrhosis [Page: 1021]
    14. Alina Costina Luca, Isabela Ioana Begezsan (Loghin), C. IordacheParticularities in diagnosis and treatment  for infectious endocarditis in children [Page: 1028] 

    15. C. I. Axinte, Teodora Alexa, Irina Cracana, Ioana Dana AlexaMacro-creatine kinase syndrome as an underdiagnosed cause of CK-MB increase in the absence of myocardial infarction: two case reports [Page: 1033]
    16. D. Teodor, Andra Teodor, Lucia Grigore, Gabriela Juganariu, Carmen Mihaela Dorobat, Egidia Miftode, Doina AzoicaiSide effects of antiviral therapy in hepatitis C virus infection–sarcoidosis- case report [Page: 1039]
    17. F. Mitu, Adina M. TurcanuChronic venous insufficiency stage V CEAP secondary to hereditary thrombophilia at a young man [Page: 1044]
    18. Voichita Mogos, Simona Mogos, C. Sfarti, Roxana Bacauanu, Oana Hutanu, Elena Cotea, Delia Ciobanu, Cornelia Tudorache, E. TarcoveanuFamilial syndromic papillary thyroid carcinoma - report of two cases [Page: 1048]


    19. M. Roca, Iulia-Cristina Roca, T. MihaescuLung cancer – a comorbidity in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease [Page: 1055]


    20. Maria Chifan, Mihaela Tirnovanu, Mihaela Grigore, C. ZanoschiCervical incompetence associated with congenital uterine malformations [Page: 1063]
    21. Mihaela-Camelia Tirnovanu, Simona Amancei, A. Dumitrescu, M. Onofriescu, Irina DumitrascuManagement of borderline ovarian tumors [Page: 1069]
    22. C. L. Romanec, Georgeta ZeganSurgical-orthodontic treatment of malocclusions through BEGG technique [Page: 1076]
    23. C. Diaconu, Roxana-Maria Livadariu, C. DogaruThe risk of lymphedema after breast cancer surgical treatment [Page: 1081]
    24. Ledia Balla, N. Ianovici, D. Costin: Pathology of the optic nerve injury [Page: 1087]
    25. S. Daja, N. Ianovici, D. CostinNeurosurgical approach in orbital pathology -  unicentric study [Page: 1091]

    26. N. Balalaa, A. Saleh, A. Hadad, I. Hassan: Strategy of surgical treatment of giant presacral  tumor- a case report [Page: 1095]
    C. Ciuta, V. Nechifor, I. Tomac, Adelina Miron, B. Novac, C. NovacLyme disease - unusual medical encounter for an urologist [Page: 1101]

    28. Ana-Maria Todosi, Mihaela-Madalina Gavrilescu, Gabriela-Maria Anitei, B. Filip, V. ScripcariuColon cancer at molecular level- usefulness of  epithelial - mesenchymal transition analysis [Page:1106]
    29. Mihaela-Madalina Gavrilescu, Ana-Maria Todosi, Maria-Gabriela Anitei, B. Filip, V. ScripcariuExpression of BMI-1 protein in cervical, breast  and ovarian cancer [Page: 1112]


    30. Diana Ciubotariu, M. NechiforInvolvement of imidazoline system in drug addiction [Page: 1118]
    31. Ramona Mircea, E. Anton, Carmen Anton, Cristina Tarniceriu, A. H. Nedelcu, Florentina Zenovia PricopSpecific features of the stromal ovarian tumors [Page: 1123]
    32. M. Botez, Carmen Anton , Ramona Mircea, E. AntonNoninvasive laser therapy for outpatients with chronic inflammatory disorders of cervix [Page: 1131]
    33. Raluca Danulescu, D. CostinUse of blood markers in early diagnosis of oxidative stress in age related macular degeneration [Page: 1136]

    34. Isabella Cristina Murariu, Luana MacoveiSüdeck´s post-traumatic osteodystrophy [Page: 1143]


    Ioana Tuta-Sas, Brigitha Vlaicu, Sorina Doroftei, Cristina Petrescu, Corneluta Fira-Mladinescu, Salomeia Putnoky, Oana Suciu, R. Bagiu, S. Ursoniu, D. SerbanDietary patterns in young adults from timis county [Page: 1150]
    36. D. Grigorescu, A. MaghiarEfficacy of antibiotic prophylaxis for preventing intrathoracic infections after thoracostomy for traumatic haemo/pneumothorax – experience of Oradea county emergency hospital [Page: 1157]
    37. Ingrid Elena Cojocariu, Roxana Bahnea, Catalina Luca, Daniela Leca, Mariana LucaClinical and biological features of adult toxocariasis [Page: 1162]
    38. Oana Codruta Miloicov Bacean, Brigitha VlaicuDefining family elements in adolescence [Page: 1166]
    39. Teodora Vremera, Luminita Smaranda Iancu, E. V. Nastase, Catalina Logigan, Egidia Gabriela Miftode, Ana Irina Mereuta, Catalina Lunca, Olivia Simona DorneanuTriplex real-time PCR for detection of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus and panton-valentine leukocidin in north-east Romania [Page: 1171]
    40. Mihaela Popa, R. Bagiu, Brigitha VlaicuContribution of certain individual factors and of the entourage to the heavy smoker status  in timis county students [Page: 1177]
    42. Odette Nicolae, F. Popovici, Emilia Lupulescu, Alina Elena Ivanciuc, G. NeculaSevere acute respiratory infections surveillance in Romania - is it any gain to public health? [Page: 1185]



    43. Norina Consuela FornaProprosthetic interventions in the posterior maxillary implant therapy [Page: 1192]
    44. E. Mihalas, Marinela Pasareanu, Laura Maria Gavrila, Carmen Savin, Dana Cristiana Maxim, A. MaximValue of scots index in a school community from Iasi [Page: 1203]
    45 Lucia Barlean, I. Danila, Carina Balcos, Iulia Saveanu, Adriana BalanPreventive attitudes towards infection transmission in dental offices in north-east Romania [Page: 1209]

    46. Anca Sava, Monica ScutariuFunctional anatomy of the temporo-mandibular joint (II) [Page: 1213]


    47. Madalina Vieriu, Nela Bibire, Gladiola Tantaru, M. Apostu,  Alina Diana Panainte, V. DorneanuSpectrometric method for the assay of ramipril using molybdophosphoric acid [Page: 1218]
    48. Elena Cretu, Adriana Trifan, Al. Vasincu, Anca MironPlant-derived anticancer agents - curcumin in cancer prevention and treatment [Page: 1223]
    49. R. B. Sandu, L. Tartau, A. Miron, M. Zagnat, C. M. Ghiciuc, C. E. LupusoruExperimental researches on acute toxicity of a Bidens tripartita extract in mice - preliminary investigations [Page: 1230]



  • The Medical-Surgical Journal
    Vol 116 No 3 (2012)

    Doina AzoicaiEthics of prevention through vaccination [Page: 665]


    1. Paloma Manea, Rodica Ghiuru, Cristina-Maria Gavrilescu, D. MunteanuLong-term prognosis of polyvascular patients with associated chronic obstructive pulmonary disease [Page: 669]
    2. Speranta-Giulia Herea, C. ScripcaruStatistical analysis of suicide characteristics in Iasi county [Page: 674]
    3. Maria Daniela Havris, Codrina Ancuta, Cristina IordacheStudy on the effectiveness of the kinetic method in patients with rheumatic diseases and temporomandibular joint dysfunction [Page: 681]
    4. Isabela Ioana Begezsán (Loghin), Codrina Bejan, Laura Ghibu, Carmen Mihaela Dorobat, F. RosuInfective endocarditis in non-hiv immunosuppressed patients [Page: 687]
    5. Daniela Maria Hurjui, Otilia Nita, Lidia Iuliana Graur, Laura Mihalache, I.C. HutanasuNon-alcoholic fatty liver disease is associated with cardiovascular risk factors of metabolic syndrome [Page: 692]
    6. B. Mihai, Catalina Mihai, Cristina Cijevschi-Prelipcean, Cristina LacatusuRare types of diabetes mellitus [Page: 700]
    7. Irina Iuliana Costache, Diana Cimpoesu, O. Petris, A. O. PetrisElectrolyte disturbances in patients with chronic heart failure – clinical, evolutive and therapeutic implications [Page: 708]
    8. Carmen Mihaela Dorobat, G. Dorobat, Codrina Bejan, Laura Ghibu, Cristina Petrovici, Isabela Loghin, Carmen ManciucAntibiotic therapy in severe sepsis in HIV-positive patients [Page: 714]
    9. Alexandra Largu, Carmen Manciuc, A. Vata, Cristina Nicolau, L. Prisacaru, Florina Filip Ciubotaru, Catalina Luca,Carmen Mihaela DorobatDyadic adjustment in HIV sero-concordant and sero-discordant couples [Page: 718]
    10. Gabriela Juganariu, Egidia Miftode, Danut Teodor, Daniela Leca, Carmen Mihaela DorobatClinical features and course of bacterial meningitis in children [Page: 722]
    11. Roxana-Gabriela Cobzaru, Carmen Rîpa, Maria-Magdalena Leon, A. Ivan, Mariana LucaCorrelation between asthma and toxocara canis infection [Page: 727]
    12. Irina Streba, Simona Damian, Beatrice IoanMedical and ethical dilemma in brain death [Page: 731]
    13. Dana Elena Mîndru, Evelina MoraruRisk factors and their implications in the epidemiology of pediatric obesity [Page: 739]
    14. Catalina Mihaela Luca, Alexandra Vieru, A. Vata, A. Luca, M. E. Hurmuzache, Daniela Leca, Carmen Manciuc, Carmen Mihaela DorobatTuberculous meningitis – clinical and epidemiological considerations (a retrospective study 2008 - 2011) [Page: 746]
    15. C. Petraru, Gh. BalanBiochemical and ultrasound aspects in chronic viral hepatitis C patients [Page: 750]
    16. Otilia Nedelciuc, Iulia Pintilie, Mihaela Dranga, Catalina Mihai, Cristina Cijevschi-PrelipceanQuality of life in patients with ulcerative colitis [Page: 756]
    17. Mihaela Dranga, Gabriela Dumitrescu, M. Badea, Andreea Blaj, Catalina Mihai, Cristina Cijevschi-PrelipceanThe semi-quantitative calprotectin rapid test – is it useful [Page: 761]
    18. Adriana Stoicescu, M. Andrei, G. Becheanu, M. Stoicescu, T. Nicolaie, M. DiculescuMicroscopic colitis and small intestinal bacterial overgrowth – diagnosis behind the irritable bowel syndrome? [Page: 766]
    19. Otilia Nita, Lidia Iuliana Graur, Dana-Stefana Popescu, Alina Delia Popa, Daniela Boisteanu, Mariana GraurSocio-demographic and lifestyle characteristics associated with the risk for obstructive sleep apnea syndrome in a rural population [Page: 773]
    20. Mihaela Oana Rosu, Codrina Ancuta, Cristina Iordache, Rodica ChirieacImportance of posture assessment in ankylosing spondylitis. Preliminary study [Page: 780]
    21. Corina Morcov (Buta), Carmen Vulpoi, D. BranisteanuCorrelation between adiponectin, leptin,insulin growth factor-1 and bone mineral density in pre and postmenopausal women [Page: 785]
    22. Malina Ciumasu-Rîmbu, Livia Popa, Carmen VulpoiNeuropeptide Y stimulation as primary target for preventive measures of maladaptative cardiovascular reactions in occupational chronic stress exposure [Page: 790]
    23. Laura Mihalache, Lidia Iuliana Graur, Dana-Stefana Popescu, Otilia Nita, Mariana GraurAnthropometric parameters – predictive factors for cardio-metabolic diseases [Page: 794]

    Anca Georgescu, Carmen Chiriac, Brîndusa Tilea, Iringo KezdSevere enteroviral encephalitis complicated by encephalomalacia - case presentation [Page: 799]
    25. M. E. Hurmuzache, Catalina Luca, Irina Lovin, Carmen DorobatTuberculosis meningo-encephalitis with positive CSF for KB and slowly favourable evolution. Case report [Page: 804]
    26. Andra Teodor, D. Teodor, Egidia Miftode, D. Prisacaru, Daniela Leca, Cristina Petrovici, Olivia Dorneanu, Carmen Mihaela DorobatSevere invasive listeriosis – case report [Page: 808]
    27. Doina Butcovanu, Gr. Tinica, Cipriana Stefanescu, Lidia IonescuPathological comparative assessment of two cases of thymic cyst and cystic thymoma and review of the literature [Page: 812]

    Maria-Magdalena Leon, Elena Cojocaru, Roxana Cobzaru, Amalia Didii, F. MituThe role of statins in deep vein thrombosis [Page: 817]


    Carmen Grierosu, P. BotezCorrelative study of PMA scoring in a group of romanian patients submitted to total hip replacement [Page: 823]
    30. Daniela Badoi, E. Crauciuc, Lidia Rusu, Veronica LucaTherapy with climara in surgical menopause [Page: 828]
    31. R. C. Bandac, P. BotezLisfranc midfoot dislocations: correlations between surgical treatment and functional outcomes [Page: 834]
    32. M. Gramada, P. BotezInfluence of preoperative knee deformation on tension force in posterior stabilized total knee arthroplasty [Page: 840]
    33. Liliana Savin, C. Barbarosie, P. BotezPeriprosthetic femoral fractures – evaluation of risk factors [Page: 846]
    34. Alina Melinte-PopescuHuman papilloma virus infection and cervical dysplasia [Page: 853]

    R. Dumitru, Andra Scarlat, M. Ionescu, T. DumitrascuLeft-sided duplication of inferior vena cava: clinical implications in a patient with sigmoid adenocarcinoma [Page: 858]


    36. Ioana Cristina AmihaeseiMain neuroendocrine features and therapy in primary sleep troubles [Page: 862]
    37. Oana Arcan, A. Ciobica, W. Bild, R. Dobrin, F. D. Petrariu, D. CojocaruInteractions between the oxidative and nitrosative stress in nociceptive processing in rat [Page: 867]
    38. M. Moise, S. Raducan, Anca Boscu, Adelina Jianu, M. Niculescu, M. Selaru, A. MotocImmunohistochemical profile of the estrogen and progesterone receptors in mammary benign lesions [Page: 875]
    39. Oana Teslariu, M. NechiforDivalent cations levels changes in nephrotic syndrome [Page: 883]


    40. Roxana Elena Nemescu, Ramona-Gabriela Ursu, Carmen Mihaela Dorobat, Luminita Smaranda IancuDiagnosis of meningococcal infection by QPCR:detection and quantification of DNA / neisseria meningitidis [Page: 888]
    41. Oana Romosan, I.S. BocsanProfessional and management issues in the survey and control of nosocomial infections in general surgery hospitals [Page: 893]

    Gabriela Coman, Elena Petraru, Catalina Dahorea, Dana-Teodora AntonCurrent microbiological data on lower respiratory tract infection in cystic fibrosis part II: recommendations for microbiological diagnosis in cystic fibrosis [Page: 898]


    Anca Sava, Mihaela-Monica ScutariuFunctional anatomy of the temporomandibular joint (I) [Page: 902]
    44. Liana Aminov, Mihaela Moscalu, Anca Melian, Mihaela Salceanu, T. Hamburda, Maria VatamanClinical-radiological study on the role of biostimulating materials in iatrogenic furcation lesions [Page: 907]


    45. Simona Moglan (Gherman), A.F. Spac, Daniela Zavastin, V. DorneanuSpectrophotometric determination of enalapril through ternary complex formation [Page: 914]
    46. Adriana Trifan, Anca Miron, Ana Clara Aprotosoaie, Monica Hancianu, Oana Cioanca, Elvira Gille, Ursula Stanescu:Phytotoxicity assessment of methanolic extracts from Coriadrum sativum l. fruits [Page: 920]


    47. C. Corciova, M. Turnea, Daniela Matei, D. AndritoiEvaluation of cardiac parameters using electrical impedance plethysmography [Page: 927]

  • The Medical-Surgical Journal
    Vol 116 No 2 (2012)

    Norina Consuela Forna: De la istorie la prezent în medicina dentara ieseana (From history to present in Iasi dental medicine) [Page: 367]


    1. L. Gavril, A. Cotîrlet, G. I. Maftei, Doina Azoicai: Cercetari pentru evaluarea unor elemente de orientare a diagnosticului ?n cancerul gastric (Investigations for assessing of some elements suggestive for a diagnosis of gastric cancer) [Page: 369]
    2. Ileana Adela Vacaroiu, Al. Ciocalteu, Ileana Peride, S Ardeleanu, I.Al. ChecheritaFunctional status of chronic renal replacement therapy in elderly patients – comparison between hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis [Page: 375]
    3. Irina Iuliana Costache, Cristina Rusu, I. Ivanov, Roxana Popescu, A. Petris: Rezistenta la Clopidogrel – factor de risc pentru pacientii cu sindroame coronariene acute (Clopidogrel resistance – risk factor in patients with acute coronary syndromes) [Page: 383]
    4. Nicoleta Luminita Giurgea, Mariana Pitrop, Maria Sultana Mihailovici: Tumori ovariene seroase si mucinoase. studiu clinicopatologic a 116 cazuri (Serous and mucinous epithelial ovarian tumors – a clinicopathologic study of 116 cases) [Page: 389]
    5. Cristina Pomîrleanu, Codrina Ancuta, Luana Macovei, Rodica Chirieac: Studiu prospectiv asupra eficientei si sigurantei tratamentului cu Adalimumab în poliartrita reumatoida stadiul avansat, activa (Prospective study of the efficiency and safety of adalimumab in treatment of active established rheumatoid arthritis) [Page: 395]
    6. Mihaela Oana Rosu, Codrina Ancuta, Rodica Chirieac: Evolutia clinico-functionala a bolnavului cu spondilita anchilozanta sub influenta fiziokinetoterapiei (Clinical-functional evolution of patients with ankylosing spondylitis following physio-kinetotheraphy) [Page: 401]
    7. A. Petris, Diana Cimpoesu, O. Petris, Irina Costache: Acidul uric, evenimentele cardiovasculare si disfunctia renala - o legatura conjuncturala ? (Uric acid, cardiovascular events and renal dysfunction: a circumstantial connection?)[Page: 407]
    8. F. Mitu, Elena Cojocaru, B. Tamba, Maria-Magdalena Leon: Prevalenta bolilor cardiovasculare la pacientii cu hipotiroidism asistati în Clinica a VI-a Medicala (Prevalence of cardiovascular diseases to the patients with hypothyroidism) [Page: 413]
    9. Simona Daniela Ionescu, Daniela Maria Tanase, Anca Ouatu, Paloma Manea: Endocardita infectioasa plurivalvulara cu Enterococcus faecalis (Plurivalvular with Enterococcus faecalis infective endocarditis: case) [Page: 419]
    10. Daniela Maria Hurjui, Otilia Nita, Lidia-Iuliana Graur, Laura Mihalache, Dana-Stefana Popescu, Mariana GraurThe central role of the non alcoholic fatty liver disease in metabolic syndrome [Page: 425]
    11. Ingrid Elena, Roxana Bahnea, Catalina Luca, Daniela Leca, Mariana Luca: Toxocaroza la adult: studiu epidemiologic privind incidenta în zona Moldovei (Adult toxocariasis) [Page: 432]
    12. Livia Popa, D. Alexa, Alexandrina Rotar, C. D. Popescu: Efectul stimularii electrice functionale asupra performantelor motorii la pacientii parkinsonieni (Functional electrical stimulation effect on the motor performances in parkinsonian patients) [Page: 436]
    13. D. Sardaru, Gabriela Titu, L. Pendefunda: Spondilo-discartroza cu sindrom lombar radicular etajat hiperalgic (Discharthrosis with hyperalgic lumbar multileveled radicular syndrome) [Page: 442]
    14. Ioana Halmaciu, Simona Gurzu, Minodora Dobreanu, B.A. Suciu, Klara Branzaniuc: Date preliminare privind determinarea nivelului seric a VEGF-A în randul pacientilor cu cancer gastric. Studiu clinic (Preliminary results regarding vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF-A) levels in the serum of gastric cancer pacients) [Page: 446]
    15. C. Petraru, Gh. Balan: Unele aspecte privind hepatitele virale B si C. Observatii pe un lot de pacienti tratati în judetul Bacau, în perioada 2007-2010 (Some aspects regarding viral hepatitides B and C. Observations on patients treated in the Bacau county, between 2007 and 2010) [Page: 452]
    16. V. Manuca, Carmen Dorobat: Corelatii între aspectele clinico – biologice si valoarea limfocitelor CD4 la pacientii HIV/SIDA cu infectii bronhopulmonare non – tuberculoase (Relation between clinical-biological aspects and CD4 lymphocyte count in HIV/AIDS patients with non-tuberculous pulmonary infection) [Page: 457]
    17. Flavia Corciova, Al.D. Ciochina, D. Zaharia, C. Corciova, Catalina Arsenescu-GeorgescuNoninvasive hemodynamic study of the pulmonary circulation [Page: 464]
    18. Luana Macovei, Codrina Ancuta, Cristina Pomîrleanu, Rodica Chirieac: Identificarea modificarilor masei si turnover-ului osos la pacientii cu poliartrita reumatoida tratati cu corticosteroizi în scopul elaborarii unei atitudini terapeutice optime (Identification of bone mass and bone turnover in patients with rheumatoid arthritis treated with corticosteroids in order to elaborate an optimal therapeutic attitude) [Page: 470]
    19. Egidia Miftode, Olivia Dorneanu, Aida Badescu, Laura Ghibu, Daniela Leca, Teodora Vremera, Ana MereutaEmergence of a new group CTX-M enzyme in Romania and risk factors for extended spectrum beta-lactamases producing E. coli infections [Page: 477]
    20. P. Teodorovici, Codrina Ancuta, Smaranda Miu, E. Ancuta, Rodica ChirieacKnee osteoarthritis, dyslipidemia syndrome and exercise [Page: 481]

     Magda Costin, A. Tesloianu, T. Mihaescu, Elena Butnaru: Atitudine terapeutica în caz de reactie alergica la medicatia antituberculoasa. Prezentare de caz (Therapeutic attitude in case of allergic reaction to antituberculosis medication – a case report) [Page: 487]

    22. Cristina Cijevschi-Prelipcean, Catalina Mihai, P. Gogalniceanu, B. MihaiExtrahepatic complications of chronic cholestasis: current diagnosis and treatment [Page: 490]


     R. Dima: Studiu comparativ – interventii clasice versus tehnica Lichtenstein în cura herniara (Comparative study between classical operations and Lichtenstein technique for hernia repair) [Page: 500]
    24. F. Grecu, A. Lapusneanu, D. Ferariu, C. Volovat, Adriana Pricop, V. Scripcariu, C. Diaconu: Rezultate imediate în managementul chirurgical al tumorilor stromale gastrointestinale primare (GIST) – experienta Clinicii a III-a Chirurgicale (Early results of the surgical management of gastrointestinal stromal tumors (GIST) – The experience of the 3rd Surgical Unit) [Page: 506]
    25. Maria-Cristina Avatajitei, Mihaela Moscalu, Violeta Martiniuc, M. Onofriescu: Performanta diferitelor metode de screening în primul trimestru de sarcina privind estimarea riscului pentru anomaliile cromozomiale (Performance of different methods of estimating risk screening for chromosomal anomalies) [Page: 515]
    26. E. Tarcoveanu, A. Vasilescu, N. Vlad, D. Niculescu, Elena Cotea, Felicia Crumpei, N. Danila, St. Georgescu, Voichita MogosRetrosternal goiters [Page: 523]
    27. B. Puha, B. Veliceasa, O. Alexa: Indicatiile osteosintezei minim invazive cu suruburi percutane în fracturile pilonului tibial (Minimally invasive percutaneous screws osteosynthesis indications in tibial pilon fractures) [Page: 532]
    28. Alina Melinte-PopescuThe degree of agreement between HPV testing, pap smear and colposcopy in cervical dysplasia diagnosis [Page: 536]

    29. Lidia Ionescu, Cipriana Stefanescu, R. Danila, Irina Trifescu, M. Savin, C. Dragomir, D. Ferariu, Carmen VulpoiMyasthenia gravis associated with thymoma and toxic multinodular goiter. A case report [Page: 540]


    30. Adriana Sireteanu, M. Covic, E.V. Gorduza: Hibridizarea genomica comparativa pe microretele: consideratii tehnice si aplicatii (Array cgh: technical considerations and applications) [Page: 545]
    31. M. Nechifor, Diana CiubotariuBehavioral involvement of imidazoline system [Page: 552]
    32. Raluca Jipu, Carmen Amititeloaie, Gabriela Ildiko Zonda, Roxana Irina Iancu, E. Carasevici, M. Costuleanu:Thapsigargin-induced endoplasmic reticulum stress is not accompanied by mitochondrial membrane potential dissipation in murine pro-B cells [Page: 557]
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    46. Rodica Ghiuru: Sef lucrari doctor Elena Strobescu (31 martie 1959 - 17 aprilie 2012) (Lecturer dr. Elena Strobescu (31 march 1959 - 17 april 2012)) [Page: 649]

  • The Medical-Surgical Journal
    Vol 116 No 1 (2012)

    V. Rusu: La ce varsta începe declinul cognitiv? (At what age cognitive decline begin?) [Page: 11]


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